Friday, January 7, 2011

My little boy's birthday...

I still can't believe that at this very moment 2 years ago I had just delivered my little boy and meeting him for the first time. I have been telling myself, and Nathan, for the past week or so that he's not allowed to turn 2 and he has to stay my baby boy forever but sadly it just doesn't work that way. He is at such a fun age and is learning and developing every day. The way he brightens our day every day is amazing and I'm glad we were able to brighten his so much today for his birthday.

We took him to Chick fil a today for lunch and he enjoyed eating, seeing some family and playing in the play center there. Then we met up with my friend Jess at Pump It Up and he got to play with Logan and had a BLAST! It was our first time there, but I am sure it wont be our last. We went to pick up the girls after PIU and on our way into my Aunt's house Nathan tripped and banged his eye on the pile of firewood to get a nice scrape and puffy eye but it didn't faze him much. He whined for a minute but then forgot about and went to play with his cousin Jamie. When we came home I made him a family favorite, chicken croquets for dinner and then he got to eat his cake that I made special for him. He seemed to really enjoy it. Once he was done devowering his cake he got his gifts from us and LOVED them! All in all I think he had a great day and I'm glad we were able to provide him with as much joy and happiness as he brings us every day.

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